Sunday, September 20, 2015

ARC Review: Ghost of a Potion (A Magic Potion Mystery #3) by Heather Blake

Ghost of a Potion (A Magic Potion Mystery #3) by Heather Blake 
Expected publication: October 6th 2015 by NAL
Paperback, 336 pages
Series: A Magic Potion Mystery
Genre: Cozy Mystery


Summary from Goodreads

In the latest from the bestselling author of One Potion in the Grave, it’s Halloween in Hitching Post, Alabama, and potion shop owner Carly Bell Hartwell has an especially spooky customer to handle…

With all the ghosts that haunt her at this time of year, Carly doesn’t exactly rush to celebrate Halloween.  Even a costume ball organized by her boyfriend Dylan's mother, Patricia Davis Jackson, holds little allure.  But to please Dylan, who wants peace between the two women, Carly reluctantly agrees to go.

Gossip around town is that architect Haywood Dodd plans to make a big announcement at the party. But before he can address the crowd, he’s found dead with Patricia standing over him, holding the murder weapon. Anxious to clear Patricia’s name and perhaps broker a truce with her, Carly would love to use her snooping skills to find the real killer. Only she has bigger problems to deal with—ghosts are flocking to her for help, including a very persistent Haywood Dodd…
Opening a Heather Blake book is like opening a box of your favorite chocolates. You know it's going to be amazing, but it is still filled with pleasant surprises!

I really adore Heather Blake's writing. I do not think I know how to express how much. Looking back, I am so glad my curiosity drove me to pick up one of her books and dive into the world of magic and mayhem. The writing, so original, so fresh and exciting. From the very moment I open a Heather Blake book, I find it almost impossible to put it down. The characters have become so beloved, so familiar as they continue to grow on me as the series continues.

Hitching Post, Alabama is a fun place with characters so full of heart, so real and flawed that it makes them almost believable. I cannot help but to think of them as some sort of neighbors each time a new book comes out and I cannot wait to see what kind of trouble Carly will get into next.

In this one, Carly plans to avoid the day the ghosts come out to play. Due to some bad experience with helping ghosts in the past, she would much rather sit at home and hibernate until they are all gone. Imagine to her surprise that the murder that happens during a Harpie's party brings the ghost of Haywood a little early to the party and Carly is stuck helping him out. The story was wonderful, so full of emotion, lots of secrets. Moments that made me laugh, made me cry and made me even more attached to the characters in the end.

Carly gets involved in investigating the murder not only to help the poor man cross over, but also because Dylan's mother is being charged with murder. In light of trying to make nice with her boyfriends mother, who seems to have a thing against Carly, she finds herself trying to clear Patricia's name which proves to be difficult especially when why Patricia is out against Carly reveals itself.

All I can say is that there better be another book, especially with that big revelation in the end that had me literally at the edge of my seat.

The mystery was fun and exciting. I loved how close Carly has become with her cousin. I loved the two other ghosts that Carly and Delia end up trying to help, so full of emotion. Of course it kept me guessing until the very end, but I loved how the puzzle pieces always come together in the end. I adore Carly and hope to see more of her so very soon!

If you have not yet picked up a Heather Blake book, I strongly suggest you give her a shot. Especially if you love a good cozy mystery with great characters mixed with a bit of paranormal mayhem!


  1. I love how you described this author's work. I love go to authors!

  2. I am glad you are back on the blog again. I have long had this author on my wish list. I actually read one of her books in another series, but I hear this series is better I hope to try it soon. The audiobooks are at my library.

  3. Love cozies that mix with the paranormal. Hm... I haven't heard of this one but you bet I want to read one where the cats get involved! :D

  4. Wow sold me on the author. This was how I felt when reading the Virgin River series by Robyn Carr. Lovely review!!

  5. I adore these covers. I just had the sudden urge to read a cozy now, so thanks. lol. It'll be a nice switch after the sci-fi book I'm reading now.

  6. Sounds like a good read Lily. Glad you found it to be an exciting read!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

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  8. Heather Blake is a new author for me ... thank you for the introduction! I love reading a good cozy mystery and when wonderful characters are combined with a little paranormal mayhem ... well what more could you want in a book? Thank you for this opportunity.